Post Heat treat/ hand finishing

Darrin Sanders was kind enough to heat treat this one for me. He is known far and wide for his skill and understanding of heat treating steel.


Finishing up Vendetta #1 for neorunner on It is an Awesome beer site and I gotta thank Trady again for the invite!

Hand sanding the flats post heat trreat. Prepping for glue up and figuring out how I am gonna go about the forced patina. Plus a pic of a great album I had nearly forgot about. Perfect hand sanding music. Last pic is of the rough handle fit.


Original Vendetta rough ground

This is from last weekend. This kind of weather really pumps me up. I managed to get in some shop time in the AM as the sun was rising and melting the snow off the trees. Did the rough grinding one of my Vendetta models


The original Vendetta is profiled

After thinking about this design for awhile I decided the original just had an appeal that I did not quite capture in the slightly larger blade.  I profiled the original in 5160 and am considering 2 more in .100 thick 52100.  I am excited about the 52100 b/c at that thickness I should be able to cleanly slice soft woods as thick as 3 or 4 inch diameters.  I was watching Andrew Zimmerman on Bizarre foods. He was with a guide on an uninhabited island in south pacific I believe.  This guy had a thin sharp machete he was slicing through drinking vines with. I figured .... Why not put that edge geometry on the Vendetta? Its gonna be a BEAST.



Rough pre heat treat Beveling has begun!

Spent close to 1.5 hours grinding Vendetta #1 with a 36 grit Norton ceramic Blaze belt.  Pushing 3500 rpms this belt grinds 1095 like butter.  Its very easy to over grind.  A steel like 1095 gets quenched fast in oil after the heat treat. This causes inconsistencies and areas thinner than 30 thousandths to be susceptible to warping.  For these reasons I leave the steel only about 75% ground.  The rest will come off after the heat treat and at a much slower pace. I find it easier to get a nice belt finish with hardened steel anyway although, hand sanding is infinitely more difficult.   I will add a picture so you can see what it looks like at this stage.  Next will be planning the handle and drilling the holes. Fun stuff!



Rough Profiled...finally.

Got a couple hours into this rough profiling the shape. Now just need to fine tune the lines and rough profile the other two.



Next Step Profiling

Some time this week I am hoping to get out there and start profiling these knives.  The Plan is to cut as much as I can with a hacksaw and then run my grinder at about 3400 RPM with some 36 Grit Blaze belts.   The steel grinds like butter at those speeds. Even 1/4 inch thick steel.  Ill add the pictures soon. 

Final design Update

I have increased the blade by about 1 inch.  I will post the final profile later today.  This will be a run of 3. Each will take on its own character and subtle variety as the build progresses.  All three are up for grabs.  Claim yours now and influence its development through out the process.   If you have any other questions just shoot me an email:  tim(at)blackstoneknife(dot)com  Prices start at 150$.




I will include a picture of the pattern traced onto the barstock . The knife is coming in at 13.5 inches overall. I increased the handle by about 3/4 inches to accommodate neanderthals size hands.  However, I dont know what i was thinking getting 4 of these out of a 4 ft bar...Can only get three. Should I increase the blade length of the 3 or ?



The Vendetta

I have posted this design over on Blade Forums. I am calling this model the Vendetta. I will be making 4 of these out of a 48" x 2" x 1/4" bar of 5160 High Carbon Steel I have acquired from NJ Steel Baron. The construction will be a full tapered tang to reduce weight.  I am thinking of making one a cord wrapped model at a very good price. contact me for details.