Steels for 2018

The following are the steels I have in stock.  A small deposit may be necessary for commissions using other steels. Please use the contact form if you have any questions!

Stainless: AEBL, NitroV, 20CV

Carbon: 1095, 15n20, Hitachi Blue#2, Aldo's W2

Laminated: Stainless clad V-Toku II, Stainless clad 52100

Stainless and Carbon Damascus: Devin Thomas

Heat Treating is done by the following:

Peters Heat Treat

Carter Hopkins

Darrin Sanders

Tru-Grit Inc.

JT Knives

Steels for 2017

Stainless:  AEBL, 20CV, XHP, 3V(semi stainless)

High Carbon: 52100, 1095, 1084, Aldos W2, Hitachi Blue #2,

Damascus/Laminates (san mai) are also available on request.

Please note: All of my heat treating is currently outsourced to Peters Heat Treat.

While I will work with nearly any steel, I currently Keep the following steels in stock or are readily available:
AEBL (.67%C)
CPM154CM (1.05%C)
CPM S35VN (1.4%C)
Duratech-20CV (1.9%C)

"High Carbon"
1084 (.87%C)
W2 (.92%C)
52100 (.94%C)



San Mai, Hitachi Steels, Damascus, etc. Can all be had but are very $$


.100X2.00 - CPM 20CV 

.100X1.00 -  CPM S35VN 

.144X1.5 - CPM 3V

.05X1.0 - CPM 3V

.125X1.25 - AEB-L

.172X1.25 - 440C 

.25X1.25 - 5160

.125X2.00 - W2

.125X1.5 - W2